Hidden Wounds and the road to resilience

by Helena Kaufman reposted with permission from her original article on Lanterloon How does an urban woman whose desk top in Canada is devoted to the topics of communication and marketing come to write about post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD? It started the winter of 2011, in Las … [Read more...]

Where does 3-D Printing go from Here?

Interestingly, the term “3-D” used for 3 Dimensional Printing also hints at design’s role past, present and future. Someone had to design what was produced in the manufacturing and distribution model of the Industrial Revolution. This will still be true in the future, when 3-D printers allow … [Read more...]

Vancouver Communicates Community Message On the Street and Via Social Media

Have you seen, heard or received posts and pics in Facebook and Twitter about the hooliganism in the streets of Vancouver? The shocking behaviour erupted near the arena where the Canucks gave up their grip, and the Bruins snatched up the  Stanley Cup in the 7th and last hockey game of the … [Read more...]

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Offer 7 Lessons in Mass Communication Success

What can a T-shirt communicate about a community? The vibration, noise and visual sea of blue and green Vancouver Canuck team hockey jerseys is a testament to the rallying power of a cause that can mobilize an entire community to action, pride and support. Their partners in the final series … [Read more...]

Anime and Manga Alley — Finding Manga Reading Friends

Last time you and I mulled over manga, I claimed that it’s gotten me out, at least as far as the library. Now, I’m setting out to join a live group of anime viewers so that I can discuss plots and get opinions right on the spot. More urgently, it may be needed to fill in the gaps on missing … [Read more...]

Michael Curry’s Cathedral and Stephen Colbert’s Head

by Helena Kaufman The ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of two 3D printer projects that’ll catch your eyes and ears   Michael Curry, the young architect I conversed with on my ‘carriage entry’ as a writer tapping my way into the world of 3-D printing on my keyboard, likes to make big things. He also … [Read more...]

The Michael Curry Experience

by Helena Kaufman Michael Curry is a young architect who graduated from Cornell’s School of Art, Architecture and Planning in 2007. He now resides in Kansas City, Missouri, tucked into what I’ve always thought of as the secure and foundationally stable midwest. Having come from the Prairies of … [Read more...]

Anime and Manga Alley — Talking Technique

As you can see, getting into manga has gotten me out and about. Not only that, I’m usually catching conversation with people as I thumb through the choices on shelves at my library or local stores. As a writer and happy-to-be-a-word-nerd, I’ve found that strangers are just friends who have not been … [Read more...]

Discovering 3-D Printing

by Helena Kaufman The phrase ‘3-D printer’ rapidly zoomed me past the immediate image of folks in funny glasses on date night in a darkened movie theatre into wondering about the limitless potential of this rapidly growing technology. There we have it, the first key words that bring to light what … [Read more...]