Blog Buster Makes Your Words Count …….Consistently

If you are like most people, you find it hard to talk about yourself so that others want to listen. This is especially true in today’s marketplace where we are all distracted by the whirl of new things and bombarded by thousands of messages that crowd our minds, daily.

Read on for:

  • What savvy managers know now
  • Power of story
  • Your blog as power tool
  • How to work with Helena
  • Oh, the places you can repurpose your prose for optimal leverage!

If you’ve got a vital service or product you want to promote, the task of cutting through the noise may feel (almost) impossible.

Blogs are just one excellent tool to help you share your story. [Continue reading]

Storytelling for business-not child’s play.. but…

Little girl dressed as a book full of stories to be told

Storytelling... it started for you in childhood. Storytelling started for all humans before we had language as we know it and depend on it today. Storytelling is still with us. For good reason. Now, it's one of your best and brightest … [Continue reading]

Day 29 StoryMarket collects stories that sell at VBOT trade show

A group of people mind their posture while standing up in conversation

Still time to head down and register on site at the: The Vancouver Board of Trade Show Wednesday, October 28, 2015 3:30 PM  Westin Bayshore - Grand Ballroom  1601 Bayshore Drive Reception and Trade Show:  3:30 - 7:00 p.m. Come and meet … [Continue reading]

Day 24 The people on my StoryMarket street

Gr Isle boat and water taxi

CBC Radio carried news of the day's set up of the Wooden Boat Show at Granville Island. My morning wake up gears clicked and it seemed like a good target for some tea at the Blue Parrot overlooking the water. Ideal for a quick scan of the boats … [Continue reading]

Day 23 Story Market visits BNI Grand Fortune City

Shawn Hossein helping BNI Grand Fortune City bite into business with full colour blue print size format

Time - how to spend it profitably and productively? On August 20 I took a smart time out yet it was still work. Super energizing and FUN. … [Continue reading]

Day 22 On 3 Steps to a Smarter You


Did you catch the whiff of new school supplies? Still summer days to go but evidence of return to formal schooling is everywhere. Society's structure for the kids. Us workaday folks need to get our brain boosts also, to keep up with the high tech, … [Continue reading]

Day 21 Where do you get stalled & what do you do about it?

creative doubt gauntlet

I've got a program that spots typos and the occasional MIA comma in my public posts installed. And apparently it also calculates my effectiveness in all my document drafts. It sent me a personalized email today stating this week's yield: 8818 … [Continue reading]

Day 18 Reimagining the To Do List as Dance Card

shoes and your power

"I'm dancing as fast as I can," is a well-worn phrase. It's easily claimed by people overloaded at work and scampering madly to keep up with all the tasks heaped onto the 'dance' card of their desks. It's a bold statement, too. It reflects a … [Continue reading]

Day 14 The devil made me do it: my day, diet & marketing

beach laugh

I've wished a lot of worthy men Happy Father's Day today. I did so with sincerity for their valued contribution to someone's life in their world whether they are actual biological dads, or married, or straight or not. Men who care, share … [Continue reading]

Going the distance – with your map Day 10

Giant highway sign saying THE FUTURE and an exit arrow

I have not been writing nightly, as planned or hoped for. The 1st week went very well. Then, life rolled in more insistently. We get busy.We get preoccupied. The ideas, however, kept flowing. No shortage of those. … [Continue reading]